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Vivatia is a Digital Information Management leading company that offers solutions to different organizations that want or have the need to optimize its administrative and business processes. The aim of the firm is to offer solutions that lead to a constant and sustained growth of competitive advantages throughout time.

Vertical solutions
The vertical solutions satisfy specific needs of businesses that belong to the same industry sector.
Horizontal solutions
Horizontal solutions satisfy needs that are common to every business regardless their industrial sector.

Latest news


Today, October 27th, is AIIM’s World Paper Free Day! The objective of this day is to raise awareness and promote the responsible use of paper.

AIIM proposes three ways of making a change to help the environment:

  • Consciously make a point not to print.
  • Investigate business process technologies to reduce paper use.
  • Participate and promote the creation of a local Paper Free Day event.
Thuban 6.1

At the beginning of June, the new version was released with a renewed interface that improves the application's performance and increases the screens' loading speed.

international trade

At the beginning of this month, the implementation of Thuban® for Foreign Trade’s Fine Tunning project was completed at Itaú Bank.

The project, which started in January of this year, was divided in two stages: the first one was finished in March and the second one ended in May with the implementation of Thuban® 6.X in every Foreign Trade operation.