BBVA Horizonte

BBVA Horizonte Pensions and Severances is a BBVA enterprise dedicated to the administration of social security resources through its Mandatory Pensions Fund, Severances Fund and the Voluntary Pensions Fund, which are used to satisfy the needs and expectations of its clients, in terms of service, investment, profitability, and security of the contributions made to the different funds.

BBVA's history started in 1857, and nowadays after more than 150 years, it has a solid leadership position in the financial services market worldwide. It is leader in South America, the first financial entity in Mexico, one of the 25 biggest banks in the United States by its assets, and one of the few large international groups present in China. BBVA employs 112.000 people from more than 30 countries across the world; it has more than 47 million clients and 890.000 shareholders.