Itaú Banks expands Thuban® for Foreign Trade’s scope


At the beginning of this month, the implementation of Thuban® for Foreign Trade’s Fine Tunning project was completed at Itaú Bank.

The project, which started in January of this year, was divided in two stages: the first one was finished in March and the second one ended in May with the implementation of Thuban® 6.X in every Foreign Trade operation.

The main aim was to expand the solution’s scope to expedite the daily tasks of the areas of Foreign Trade, Commercial BBA, and Business Bank, as well as improving the communication between these sectors. For these reasons, the development of new features and improvements were focused on designing dashboards and reports to measure the business processes’ volume and productivity, which will generate significant competitive advantages.

On the other hand, the use of this solution will allow Itaú Bank to easily adapt to the updates in the Foreign Exchange rules made by the Central Bank of Argentina.