Thuban® 5.8.17 Release


This month, Vivatia® released a new version of Thuban® that counts with improvements, corrections and the incorporation of new functions.

With regard to improvements and new functions:

  • The performance of the Documents’ Edition View was improved:
  • o Special focus was put upon the implementation of on-demand load in all the sections of the screen.

    o A function for multivalued fields was added and it allows to autocomplete the values thus reducing the amount of information on screen.

    o The internal queries to the database were improved.

    o A new concept of primary and secondary view was added.

  • The performance of trays was improved:
  • o The validations of the update of the items of all the trays were modified.

    o On the trays related to BPM engine, the queries were improved and new validations were added.

    o Aesthetic improvement of the buttons and the pager were made so that they stood still while viewing the results.

  • Tracking using Thuban® was notoriously improved:
  • o A reengineering was done on every screen that allows the creation and viewing of monitors and alerts. The main objective of this process was to provide the users with a simpler environment that allows them to create complex dashboards using information of different sources.

    o Notification of alerts in a new window.

    o Creation of e-mail templates for sent-by-e-mail alerts.

    o Drill down of the monitor’s information which allows seeing the affected records of the database in real time.

  • Creation of HTML E-mail templates:
  • o From Thuban® Admin you may set up a standard e-mail template which will include all the information and the images attached.

    o Aesthetic improvement and simplicity to define several e-mail styles for every client.

    o It is possible to store a copy in PDF format of every e-mail sent and to dynamically modify the images attached and the body of the e-mail.

  • Another functions were added to the user’s interface PowerDesk:
  • o Sending of documents by e-mail.

    o Exportation of large volumes of documents to Excel or PDF files.

    o Improvement of BPM engine which allows relating documents with structured processes.

A series of corrections were also done:

  • Improvement of the Remote Scanning Panel:
  • o The digitization of documents from the editing screen was improved.

    o Several problems with dead time in the scanning process were resolved.

    o The error that occurred when saving certain files and the inconsistency of the toolbar were fixed.

  • Improvement of the Prescan Panel:
  • o The problem with the creation of passwords was resolved.

    o Aesthetic improvements were made to the tracking and sending of documents screen.

    o The validations over the range of the fields when sending a cover was modified.

  • Improvement of the Documents’ Edition Panel:
  • o Special focus was put upon the general performance of the screen.

    o The problems with the scrollbar and the length of fields were resolved.

    o The handling of mark-ups and post-its on documents was improved.

    o The internationalization of components of the image viewer was implemented.

    o The concept of primary and secondary view of fields was added.

  • Improvement of the Trays Panel:
  • o The results of the trays were separated from the toolbar and the paging. This allows viewing all the content of the tray by moving from left to right without losing focus of the current page or the actions that may be done on it.

    o Allows establishing a physical count that indicates the maximum number of results that a tray has at certain time.

    o Improvement of the order criterion and the physical conformation of trays using SQL queries or procedures.

  • Improvement of the Documents’ Search Panel:
  • o Improvement of the criterion of selection of documents.

    o The searching of whole or decimal numbers was improved.

    o The criterion of AND/OR search was added to filter the results.