Thuban® 6.0 Release


The new functions of the sixth version of Thuban® include:

  • Improvements in the adoption of Oracle’s technologies:

    o Oracle 11g was officially approved as a new option to configure a database.

    o We focused on improving the stability of our product in Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g by fixing all the incidents reported in Thuban 5.8.X and during the Testing/QA sprints.

  • Approval of a new applications server:

    o From this version on, Weblogic 11 is included in the list of application servers that are compatible with Thuban.

  • Improvements in the creations of Checklists:

    o We add the possibility of creating a checklist that the user can manually handle to indicate when certain condition has been met. This function allows exporting the checklist’s content to PDF.

    o Thuban Admin’s automatic checklist’s creation and administration interfaces were improved.

  • Changes in the configuration of Thuban users:

    o From this version on, the default configuration was transferred to Thuban Admin. Furthermore, new items were added such as decimal formats, date format, etc.

  • New function for reclassification of Documents:

    o This function allows the user (with the proper profile) to change or modify the file’s document class.

  • New function for Search History:

    o Allows storing a pre established number of searches performed with the aim of consulting and use again the ones that were helpful.

  • Changes in the relation between document classes:

    o The system indicates the fields’ compatibility level through colors.

  • Viewing of new file types:

    o New viewers were added which enable working with more types of files. Furthermore, the Viewers’ Administration Panel was added to Thuban Admin to associate file types with viewers.

  • New options when cutting documents in the viewer:

    o The new options include: copy to clipboard, export the selection, send it by e-mail or replace the current image with the selection.

  • Theme welcome screens:

    o Thuban may be set up to show theme logos during the holidays.

  • Duplicate search filters:

    o Allows duplicating a field to search by more than one value at the time.

  • Group the fields of a document class:

    o This function allows grouping fields with similar characteristics. This option is especially useful when a document class has several fields since it allows viewing the information in a more organized way and optimizing the system’s performance because the application loads the fields on demand.

  • Workflow tray’s content’s new layout:

    o The workflow trays’ column order was changed and the possibility of viewing the fields of the document was added.

  • Integration to support multi domain:

    o This integration allows multiplying the domains (companies) in the same data source, ensuring the logical division of information. This new function is directly related to the use of Thuban as a service (SAS)

  • Import and export solutions:

    o From the new Exports solutions Panel in Thuban Admin you can select elements (document classes, views, groups of users, licenses, etc) to create a solution that responds to a particular business need. Then, from the Import Solutions Panel you can implement the solution in another Thuban environment.