World Enviroment Day


Due to the World Environment Day, this june 5th, Vivatia announces a plan with important markdown on its products for those companies that commit to reduce between a 10% and a 20% the paper generation and management during the next year.

For this purpose, Vivatia supplies consultancy services to companies that are eager not just to preserve our environment (which is one of its main aims) but to remarkably reduce its costs.

World Environment Day

The World Environment Day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972. It started the 15th December 1972 with the Stockholm Conference, which main topic was the Human Environment. That same day, the United Nations Assembly passed the creation of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). Since 1972, every year the WED is commemorated with an international exposition through the week of June 5th.

The World Environment Day may be seen as a channel through which the United Nations Organization raises the world opinion awareness on environmental topics. In this way, the attention and the political action are intensified and people are motivated to turn into active agents of a sustained and equal development. The understanding of the communities’ fundamental role within environmental subjects and the cooperation encouragement warrant a wealthier and safer future for every nation.

The World Environment Day comprises several activities: concentration of people in the streets, ecological shows, posters’ competitions in schools, trees’ planting, and refresh and cleanliness campaign, among others.

The World Environment Day is a multimedia event: journalists write articles and make critical interviews on the Environment. There are also documentaries, expositions and intellectual events, such as workshops, discussion tables, conferences, among others.

In many countries, this festivity represents an opportunity to sign and confirm international agreements and, sometimes, to set up permanent governmental structures related with the environmental management and the economic planning.

Social commitment

Vivatia is particularly committed with the environmental care, and it looks forward to promote actions that allow its partners and clients to reduce the use of paper, which implies the woods’ preservation.

The implementation of digital information management does not only include a remarkable costs’ reduction. It goes further: avoidance of paper use by turning physical information into digital information has got a very important impact within the environment care.
In view of the company’s social commitment and the permanent pursue of clients’ benefits, Vivatia has implemented a plan to reduce its products’ license costs for the companies that commit to reduce between the 10% and the 20% of the paper generation and administration.