What is Thuban®?

Thuban® is an comprehensive software platform that comprises a set of products, tools and applications that enables the efficient management of documents, processes and knowledge within organizations.

Business Intelligence

Through Thuban® it is possible to digitally control and manage the companies’ information:
- Generate clients' comprehensive folders that group their information.
- Control the documents' expiration date and setup alarms.
- Group information of different sources in repositories and interactive and intelligent bundles.

Also, it allows the continuous control and evaluation of the established work processes. In this sense, Thuban® permits to:
- Quickly react to changes.
- Detect bottlenecks and redistribute work.

Process Management

Regarding to processes' administration, Thuban® allows multiple possibilities:
- Establish work steps that structure, organize and automate critical administrative and business processes.
- Guarantee that the documentation is processed following the pre-established circuits. Also, it guarantees every step is fulfilled.
- Define which users can access the different work trays through safety access configuration.
- Keep a record of every action carried out by each participant of a specific pre-defined circuit.
- Integrate outsource workflow systems (JBPM).

Document Management

Thuban® permits the digital documents' management regardless of its context. The platform gives the possibility to:
- Capture documents.
- Manipulate and view digital documents, use markups, comments, notes, barcode recognition and images edition.
- Share documents: perform collaborative tasks, send documents by mail, export them, print them and change their format.
- Sort documents in multiple hierarchical and dynamic structures.
- Categorize documents according to safety and accessibility guidelines.