About Vivatia

Vivatia is a Digital Information Management leading company that offers solutions to different organizations that want or have the need to optimize its administrative and business processes. The aim of the firm is to offer solutions that lead to a constant and sustained growth of competitive advantages throughout time.

Since its foundation, Vivatia has grown continuously: it has improved and diversified its products so much that it has become one of the leading companies in matters of Digital Information Management.
The Vivatia solutions allow a direct and immediate access to information. Therefore, the organizations that employ these technologies attain a remarkable enhancement in its competitiveness, a reduction on its costs and an improvement of the safety within the managing of its information.
Vivatia has developed a software platform named Thuban. This application has been implemented by several companies to systematize and automate its administrative and business processes. Some of the firms that choose the Vivatia solutions are: Comafi Bank, Galicia and Buenos Aires Bank, BBVA Group, Citibank, Diners, Visa and Presidencia de la Nación Argentina, among many others.

Global presence and regional expansion

The Vivatia firm arises from the aim and necessity to expand the Trilogic services. In Argentina, Trilogic has been consolidated as a leading company on Digital Information Management. Due to the technological innovations it has brought into the field, this national firm is spreading all over the world.
Currently, Vivatia has got a large distributors web that offer global solutions for the information management to organizations in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Spain. Besides, it has developed a consistent distributors and representatives’ network that empowers a global coverage, which is absolutely necessary for the evolution of modern business.