Alliances, agreements and representations

Vivatia has made alliances, agreements and representations with outstanding entities such as BIT Cluster, Instituto Argentino de Informática Industrial (“Argentine Institute of Industrial Computing”), the University of La Matanza (Argentina), CESSI and Kodak.

University of La Matanza

The University has set as its prime objective to become a model of excellence among the Universities nationwide and also be an international reference of higher education.


Just like George Eastman, whose objective was to invent a photographic camera that was “as pratical as a pen”, Kodak continues changing the way that images influence people’s life. The company is a multinational enterprise and its brand is known worldwide.


ABBYY is a leading provider of document conversion, data capture and linguistic software. The key areas of ABBYY's research and development include document recognition technologies and applied linguistics.


Avnet Technology Solutions, a leading distributor of IT solutions in more than 30 countries, improves how technology products and services are defined and delivered to businesses worldwide through the channel. They enable solution providers to grow faster by helping them understand and meet their customers’ unique business requirements and industry-specific needs with unified solutions that combine technologies and span supplier lines. Avnet Technology Solutions is an operating group of Avnet, Inc., a Fortune 500 company bringing technology to market for more than 50 years.


A2iA is the worldwide leading developer of natural handwriting recognition, Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technologies and products for the payment, mail, document and forms processing markets.

A2iA's technology is available in 6 language versions: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish and 23 country-specific technology versions dedicated to the different handwriting styles found throughout the world.


Founded in April 1991 by a group of engineers with strong engineering expertise, Avision designs, manufactures, and markets a complete range of quality, high performance scanners and key components for multi-function products. Through innovative product development, strategic partnerships and successful business models, Avision has become a leading supplier in the scanner industry.

Cámara Argentino Alemana

Since 1916, the Argentinian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides a platform for business expansion because they put information and services at the companies’ disposal. In this way, they make possible the development of any activity seeking for growth in a new economic environment.


IBM efforts to become a leader in the research, development and manufacture of the most advanced technologies of the sector, which includes computing systems, software, nets, storage systems and microelectronics.

IBM transforms these advanced technologies into something valuable for their clients with their solutions and professional services around the world.


Headquartered in Japan, Canon has sales and marketing offices around the world and research, development and manufacture laboratories in Asia, Europe and North America.

With over 70 years in the business world, Canon has more than 118,000 employees worldwide and is the third American company with more registered patents thanks to the constant research and development.


CESSI (“Chamber of Enterprises of Software and Computing Services”) is the argentinian entity that gathers and represents the companies dedicated to the development, production, manufacturing and implementation of software and their variety of services in Argentina.

Sun Microsystems

Starting more than 30 years ago with Oracle's innovative relational database, the Oracle Stack today includes Oracle Enterprise Linux, Oracle VM, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and the largest and most complete set of industry and business applications software on the market. The addition of Sun Storage and Systems Technology makes the Oracle Stack complete.

University of Salvador

The University of Salvador, according to the Academic Statute, has the following essential and specific goals:

• Comprehensive education - scientific, humanistic and Christian- of the students, in all the graduate courses or specialties, to promote professionals, teachers and researchers.

• The scientific research able to demonstrate the harmonious synthesis of science and faith.

Nowadays, there are around 23,000 students that are studying university careers or postgraduate courses and, approximately, 2100 of them come from other countries.

Technological University of Argentina

The Technological University of Argentina has one feature that distinguishes them among the rest of the university system: It is the only university in the country whose academic structure puts engineering as the priority.

It is important to acknowledge that, since its creation, more than 30,000 people have graduated in their 15 university careers.

UTN participates actively in the development of Argentina thanks to its relation with the productive system.


IAE’s mission is to contribute in the development of knowledge and in the education of business men and women, not only in their management capacities but also in the human qualities necessaries in the leadership.

The importance of knowledge in business for competitive advantages, and the economical growth is undeniable. Knowledge is the base for making wealth and for the development of the economy.


Adobe Systems Incorporated offers business, creative and mobile software solutions that revolutionize how the world engages with ideas and information. Adobe customers include enterprises, knowledge workers, creatives and designers, OEM partners, and developers worldwide. Adobe‘s headquarters are located in California, but their products are present in over 800 million devices worldwide.