Horizontal solutions

It is a combination of products and services that Vivatia provide to fulfill the clients’ needs.
These solutions have been developed by industries as a way of identifying the needs and consequently plan a commercial strategy; however, some of these solutions may apply to many industries.

The following are examples of vertical solutions:

Thuban in Purchasing Management

The processing cycle of a purchasing order may be complex: there are several steps that need to be approved (depending on the size of the purchase) which requires certain time.

Thuban applied to Plant Maintenance

In a Plant there are two major activities: PRODUCTION and MAINTENANCE. The maintenance of a Plant refers to the dynamism of the factory to ensure that the machinery and other equipments are working properly on schedule.

Human Resources

The department of Human Resources receives large amounts of documents daily: licenses forms, certifications, liquidations, payroll payments, etc.

Thuban in CRM

Statistics show that the chances of selling a product or service to a new client is 15%, while the chances of selling it to a regular customer is 50%.