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World Enviroment Day

Due to the World Environment Day, this june 5th, Vivatia announces a plan with important markdown on its products for those companies that commit to reduce between a 10% and a 20% the paper generation and management during the next year.

Mindshare Implements Thuban 6

At the beginning of this month, the development and construction stage of the project "Thuban Collection and Payment" was finished. This project was successfully implemented in Mindshare using the platform's latest version.

The solution has two workflows which interact in the following areas of the company: Planning, Finances, Treasury, Collection, Payment and Reception.

Furthermore, a new workflow is being developed to manage the administrative expenses.

Vivatia and Sing Consulting Sign Business Agreement

This agreement symbolizes the beginning of Vivatia’s commercial expansionist plan: it comprises the distributors’ appointment and the commercialization delegation in different countries.

Thuban® 5.8.17 Release

This month, Vivatia® released a new version of Thuban® that counts with improvements, corrections and the incorporation of new functions.

With regard to improvements and new functions:

  • The performance of the Documents’ Edition View was improved:
  • o Special focus was put upon the implementation of on-demand load in all the sections of the screen.

    o A function for multivalued fields was added and it allows to autocomplete the values thus reducing the amount of information on screen.

World Paper Free Day

Today, October 27th, is AIIM’s World Paper Free Day! The objective of this day is to raise awareness and promote the responsible use of paper.

AIIM proposes three ways of making a change to help the environment:

  • Consciously make a point not to print.
  • Investigate business process technologies to reduce paper use.
  • Participate and promote the creation of a local Paper Free Day event.
Vivatia and Datco made a business agreement to commercialize Thuban

Vivatia made a business agreement with Datco to commercialize Thuban® Software platform in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Spain and the Caribbean.

About Datco

Datco is a leading company in matters of infrastructure provision, services and computing integrated projects, and communications for critical application in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Vivatia's New Website

With the purpose of getting closer to its clients and business partners, Vivatia has redesigned its website.

This site has an innovative and easy to navigate design, is Multilanguage (Spanish-English) and is integrated with social networks such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and FlickR.

It includes download sections, forums, wikis, on-line training and a section that allows the tickets’ creation and tracking. Furthermore, you can find updated information or subscribe to the Newsletter.

New Look & Feel of Thuban® 6.1

At the beginning of June, the new version was released with a renewed interface that improves the application's performance and increases the screens' loading speed.

Itaú Banks expands Thuban® for Foreign Trade’s scope

At the beginning of this month, the implementation of Thuban® for Foreign Trade’s Fine Tunning project was completed at Itaú Bank.

The project, which started in January of this year, was divided in two stages: the first one was finished in March and the second one ended in May with the implementation of Thuban® 6.X in every Foreign Trade operation.

International Year of Forests

The United Nations General Assembly proposed that 2011 should be considered the International Year of Forests. On the occasion of this celebration, several activities will be carried out to raise consciousness in society about the problems the forest resources suffer in the whole planet and stop their deterioration.

Thuban® 6.0 Release

The new functions of the sixth version of Thuban® include:

  • Improvements in the adoption of Oracle’s technologies:

    o Oracle 11g was officially approved as a new option to configure a database.

    o We focused on improving the stability of our product in Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g by fixing all the incidents reported in Thuban 5.8.X and during the Testing/QA sprints.

  • Approval of a new applications server: