Thuban’s® characteristics

Thuban® is multiplatform, integrable, reliable, usable, secure, flexible, scalable.

  • Multiplatform: Thuban® may be installed in a Windows platform as well as in Unix/Linux or any other operating system that allows installing a Java virtual machine.
  • Integration: Thuban® allows integrating with databases, message-integrated middleware and outsource systems thanks to the connections with other file systems and applications.
  • Reliable: Thuban® manages the information in a secure and reliable way ensuring the integrity of processes and transactions.
  • Usable: Thuban’s® users’ interfaces are specially designed to be simple, intuitive and efficient. Furthermore, it provides reporting, monitoring and tracking tools to improve the business processes.
  • Secure: Allows the integration with Active Directory as well as other LDAP solutions for user’s authentication. Moreover, Thuban® may be set up to work in single sign-on schemes as well as CAS services. Regarding authorizations, Thuban® allows to dynamically define the access to the system’s document class with a high level of granularity.
  • Flexible: Thuban® is very easy to configure, parameterize, integrate and customize so to adjust the organization’s needs.
  • Scalable: Allows vertically and horizontally scaling the application so to fulfill the requirements of each business process.