Vertical solutions

The vertical solutions satisfy specific needs of businesses that belong to the same industry sector. It is a combination of products and services that Vivatia provide to fulfill our clients’ needs.

A “vertical solution” does not mean “vertical standardization”: it is a commercial strategy created by Vivatia to help in the development of your business. This strategy consists on identifying the problems of every area.

The following are examples of vertical solutions:

Thuban in Foreign Trade

According to statistics of the World Bank, international trade of goods and services has expanded to an annual equivalent rate of 11% in the period 2000-2007.

Thuban Educación

Nowadays, educational systems around the world are opening into two very different but complementary directions: the implementation of new technologies and the elimination of borders.

Thuban in Public Administration

To the problems related to political organization, cultural and historical problems, or even endemic problems such as corporatism or clientelism, we add the problems to reach the objectives, problems to ensure the confidentiality of the information, conflicts of interest, the difficulty to control and the centralization of the institutions.

Thuban in Insurances

The insurance companies create client files that contain the client’s personal information and personal records (previous applications, policies or incidents.)

Thuban in Healthcare

Among the tenth most important activities that a health system provides there is monitoring the health of a community or the country. This helps identifying common health problems that may have a long term repercussion, and also having contact with the people who may need their services.

Thuban Customs

In Latin America and the rest of the world there are discussions in regards to what measures to take with the problematic of the customs administration.


The opening of new unconventional ways of communication involves advertising planners, analyst and supervisors who have to interact with multiple applications and key information, which is dispersed in different media and formats.