The opening of new unconventional ways of communication involves advertising planners, analyst and supervisors who have to interact with multiple applications and key information, which is dispersed in different media and formats.

Handling manually large volumes of advertising orders, bills, approvals, reports, etc. takes a long time and increases the risk of loss of documents. In many cases, the applications used are obsolete and do not allow creating interactive dossiers with the relevant information of each client. There is also no online tracking that would allow detecting bottle necks or operations that cannot be carried out on schedule, or even alerts to inform when the documentation is about to expire. As a consequence, a poor service is provided.

Direct Benefits in Advertising

  • Create dynamic and easy-to-handle digital dossiers that provides analyst with all the information they need to revise, authorize and finish operations on time.
  • Reduce processing time: Our clients have reduced their processing time up to 60% thanks to the implementation of automatic workflows.
  • Search documents instantly and simultaneously: once they have been digitized, users can access the electronic copies of the documents with no extra cost.
  • Statistics: it is possible to generate reports and statistics to monitor the state of the operations, and even compare the data from previous months or years.
  • Reduce risk of loss or damage: Once they have been digitized, users access electronic copies, preserving the original documents.