Thuban in CRM

Statistics show that the chances of selling a product or service to a new client is 15%, while the chances of selling it to a regular customer is 50%.

There is a very big difference; nevertheless, many companies do not give importance to customer services and do not invest in projects to retain regular customers. Consequently, they lose additional profits that go from 25% to 125%. The companies that do not count with back office dedicated to attend customers’ problems or needs cannot be successful.

Identification of problems

- No precision: Clients talk to several representatives from different departments and they all give them different answers for the same problem.

- Insufficient information and poor customer service: since the employees who answer the customers’ calls do not have enough information, in most cases, they cannot resolve the problems thus providing a poor customer service.

- No flow of documentation: because of the large amount of documents that every department receives, it is hard to redistribute it to every department.

- No simultaneous use of information: the access to the documents is one user at a time.

Benefits for CRM
- Improves customer’s satisfaction: Vivatia’s platform has contributed to increase the response time in an 80%.

- Creates new business opportunities: the services can be provided through different ways of communication, which expedites the processes. The operations can come from fax from another departments or the client; or can come from the IVR or the home banking.

- Establish workflows: the automation of the work cycle and online monitoring ensures that the operations are carried out on time. If there were to be any delays, the system will notify it to the users or supervisors.

- Improve customer service: The platform allows setting up electronic message to send to the clients once the process is finished. If the clients want, they can access the home banking to check the status of the process and obtain a receipt.

- Reduce storage cost: Once the documents are digitalized there is no additional cost when access to them.

- Flexibility: This is one of Thuban’s® most valued features: it gives the possibility to set up, parameterize, integrate and customize the application so to adapt to every area of your business.