Thuban Customs

In Latin America and the rest of the world there are discussions in regards to what measures to take with the problematic of the customs administration.

The improvements that were suggested are related to the simplification and automation of procedures, the acquisition of more adequate computing equipment, the possibility of decentralization and the increase of security measures when handling information.

Identification of problems

- Centralization of the customs administration: In most cases, the customs’ branches do not have the proper computing infrastructure. This causes miscommunication and delays.

- Monitoring: Frequently, the automation of processes is dedicated to shipping goods exclusively and has not extended to other processes such as control of loads, transportation of goods inside a country or storage.

- Customer Service: The project of improving the information systems means that there will be less direct contact with the clients; therefore, it will be necessary to improve the customer service department.

- Security: In most cases, it is not possible to ensure the security of the information while it travels from one place to another. Even in the countries where digital systems of information have been install, the security of information is a key point that is often overlooked.

Benefits for the Customs

- Faster access and availability of documents: Allows finding documents faster to avoid manual search. It also allows saving the physical files and printing them from a digital file when needed.

- Increase Security: it guarantees a more reliable and flexible control of documents. The system controls the access to files thanks to users’ licenses that are given according to the users’ profiles. Furthermore, it allows controlling the transmission of file between users.

- Sensitive cost reduction.

- Durability of physical documents: When you digitalize the information, you prevent it from possible damage or loss.

- Improves Customer Services: It will be possible to consult the state of the information or contact the analyst in charge. Moreover, electronic alerts may be set up so to inform clients when the process is finished.

- Precision: Enables delivering full and precise results so to avoid irrelevant information.

- Decentralization: Thuban® gives the possibility to decentralize the information because the users may access the platform from different locations. This encourages the communication between branches and departments and quickens the customs’ processes.