Thuban Educación

Nowadays, educational systems around the world are opening into two very different but complementary directions: the implementation of new technologies and the elimination of borders.

The implementation of new technologies related to information and communication provides great opportunities: it helps the processes of planning, follow-up and evaluation of financial, human or material resources.

Identification of problems
- Communication problems: The lack of an exchange system between the members of the academic community results in a deficient communication.

- Unavailable students’ and teachers’ file: As in any other institution who handles paper dockets, it is very hard to access teachers’ or students’ files, which delays any administrative procedure.

- Difficulty to monitor: It is very hard to monitor the processes and its states or the people involved.

- Damage or loss of documents: there is a high risk of damage or loss, especially with the documents that had fallen in disuse.

Benefits for the Educational system

- Encourages communication between the members of the academic community: The implementation of Thuban® in universities enables a fluid communication between students and teachers. Furthermore, Thuban® could works as a virtual campus and, thanks to the creation of license, it is possible to administrate the information the users will have access to.

- Monitor processes: It is possible to establish workflows where the administrators can monitor the state of the processes.

- Decentralization: allows decentralizing the information to expedite the administration processes.

- Easy access to information: It is possible to create digital libraries. Thanks to this, all the students and teachers will have free access to academic material.