Thuban in Healthcare

Among the tenth most important activities that a health system provides there is monitoring the health of a community or the country. This helps identifying common health problems that may have a long term repercussion, and also having contact with the people who may need their services.

Identification of problems

- Lack of monitoring and unavailable patients’ records: Since it is difficult to access the patients’ medical records, there are delays in treatments, follow-up or alternative drug treatment.

- Communication: there is not enough communication between departments which causes a subsequent lack of cooperation that leads to a deficient health system.

- Deficient frame of reference of the patients in the ways of participation.

- Lack of access to patient’s old medical records: This problem not only involves the old medical records, but also the current ones as well. As it happens in many bureaucratic systems, the physical files are very hard to find and there is also a high risk of damage or loss.

Benefits for the Health System
- Patient’s medical records: Thuban® provides a service that will keep all the records organized and updated. Having all the patients’ medical history stored in one place makes it easier to access, thus improving the service provided.