Thuban in Insurances

The insurance companies create client files that contain the client’s personal information and personal records (previous applications, policies or incidents.)

Identification of problems
- Insufficient space: the insurance companies lack of space to store the clients’ files.

- Limited personnel to control: the companies do not count with enough personnel to control the access to documents or to monitor the information.

- Poor customer service: In most of the cases, the lack of information derives in a poor customer service.

- Delays to find the information: if the information is not readily available there will be delays that will affect internal and external operations.

- Risk o f damage or loss: since the documents are handled by several people, there is a high risk of damage or loss. Furthermore, if the information is damaged or stolen, the cost of recovering it will be really high.

Benefits for Insurance Companies
- Reduces processing time: our clients have reduced the processing time and the costs. The platform enables the immediate access to documents and sending of documents which speeds up the whole process.

- Improve Customer Services: the customer service center will have access to the information and will be able to assist customers, check the state of processes or contact the analyst in charge. It will also be possible to set up alarms to inform when a process is finished.

- Reduce the filing and consult cost: Once the documents are digitalized, they can be consulted with no additional cost.

- Improve security: The administrator can create groups of users and give them licenses to guarantee the confidentiality of the information.

- Create digital clients’ file to preserve the physical documents: Digital files are easier to administrate and to update. Moreover, the digitalization reduces the need to look for the physical documents thus preventing them from damage or loss.

- Improve communication: Thuban® gives the possibility to work simultaneously on documents even when the users are located in different geographical places. This speeds up the processes.