Thuban in Purchasing Management

The processing cycle of a purchasing order may be complex: there are several steps that need to be approved (depending on the size of the purchase) which requires certain time.

The decision-making speed and the election of suppliers are essential when negotiating prices.At the same time, being able to answer quickly to the needs of the department who requested the purchase, optimizes the processes and increases their efficiency.

Identification of problems

- There are no controls or alerts that allow monitoring the process and detect bottle necks or orders that were not processed on time.

- In many cases the information that the manager has to decide whether to approve or deny an order is not sufficient.

- During the process, there is a constant loss of information or orders.

Benefits for Purchasing Management

- Reduction of processing time: our clients have reduced up to a 25% the time it took them to process a purchasing order, from the moment the order is created to the moment the order is sent to the supplier.

- Increase of productivity: the implementation of Thuban® increases the productivity of the purchasing department because they will no longer have to inform the others departments of the state of their order as they will be able to see the state online.

- Approve orders on time: the automation of the process and monitoring ensures the purchase will be done on time.

- Reduction of paper: paper documents will be replaced for digital orders.

- Reduction of mistakes: thanks to the online validation of information, the users reduce the possibility of mistakes.

- Transparency: the automation of the process allows the managers to have more control over the orders they review, thus avoiding possible mistakes on later audits.

- No loss of information: The digital management of information ensures that there is no loss of information during the process.